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Sharon UmbaughTropical Sea Glass, owner and beachcomber, Sharon Umbaugh arrived in Hawaii from Ohio in 2000, after a successful career in the publishing/book business. Educated from Miami U with a BA in English Lit, she was a sales rep for several major publishing houses and managed an independent bookstore. Once in Hawaii she discovered sea glass, learned the world of internet selling and founded Tropical Sea Glass in 2001.

Collaborating with others to establish the North American Sea Glass Association in 2006 , she served as acting secretary for 5 plus years, and is currently the Vice President of NASGA. She is also the moderator for NASGA’s social networking site; from the beginning she has been at the forefront of the sea glass industry.

She has made her sea glass pieces available to many of the premier sea glass jewelry artisans throughout the world. Her focus has been to educate people about the nature of sea glass and to provide sea glass to jewelry artisans, designers and collectors. Her goal is to be able to offer sea glass to everyone throughout the world via the internet.

The Hawaiian islands are rich in sea glass. Collecting from all of the Hawaiian islands, the unique characteristics of Sharon’s sea glass make her treasures some of the finest in the world. This is why so many artists and collectors have chosen Tropical Sea Glass as their source of beach glass. Peruse her photos, catch a glimpse of life in Hawaii and add some Hawaiian sea glass to your own beach glass collection.North American Sea Glass Association

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