Tropical Seaglass

Sea Marbles for Purchase 7/19/17

Aqua! Marble!

WOW! Stunning aqua and marble! SOLD $46  1/12/16

Blue Smile! Sea Glass Marble!

“Blue Smile” sea glass marble! Very weathered, only $43 SOLD

Two sea glass marbles! $46 12/29

Two sea glass marbles! SOLD  12/29

Yellow Sea Glass Marble, 8/16 $43

Yellow Sea Glass Marble, 8/16 SOLD

WAVE sea glass MARBLE 2/18 $24WAVE sea glass MARBLE 2/18 SOLD Sea glass MARBLE & 1Sea glass MARBLE & 1″ pendant pcs $41  7/28 Rare YELLOW sea glass MARBLE - SALE 1/1/14 $36Rare YELLOW sea glass MARBLE – SALE 1/1/14 SOLD Colorful sea glass marble! Rare, $39 12/10Colorful sea glass marble! Rare,12/10 SOLD Sea Marble, Awesome Gif 11/19 $40Sea Marble, Awesome Gift SOLD Matching Marbles! $24 11/2Matching Marbles! SOLD 11/12 Cobalt Marble $24 11/4Cobalt Marble SOLD 11/4 Sea Glass Marble $24 10/1Sea Glass Marble SOLD 10/1 Marble & Dangles $40 9/11Marble & Dangles  SOLD Pink & Marble! $48 7/19Pink & Marble! SOLD 7/19 Marble! Circles! Only $33 4/19Marble! Circles! Only SOLD 4/29 Marble & Tapers $24 4/1/13Marble & Tapers  4/1/13  SOLD Sea Marbles, $53 7/10/13 Red, FROSTY, sea glass marbles, $62 12/2Red, FROSTY, sea glass marbles, $62 1/2 SOLD

Marble $24

Marble SOLD


3 Marbles, $25


Sea marbles, $24

Sea marbles, $24 8/8/12  SOLD

Tiny Balls, $41 6/19

Rare gold and lime!, SOLD  6/18



For Rings  SOLD Sea glass Balls and Marble



Flawless, rare CIRCLES and yellow, striped marble. Perfect pieces for jewelry.


Red and orange striped sea marbles! Like sea glass that is made by surf and sand, occasionally if you are lucky enough to be in the right spot, you will find a “sea marble” that has washed ashore. 


Sea glass star Elongated shape with a cat’s eye sea marble


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3 thoughts on “Sea Marbles for Purchase 7/19/17

  1. Rhondi Palangio on said:

    Love the marbles ! Do you have any mauve or purple Sea Glass for sale. Thick pieces.

  2. Ginnie Neill on said:

    I have found a beach with hundreds of sea glass marbles. And the best sea glass that any research has shown me. Pink, orange, red black, would like to sell to serious collectors.

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